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Trenchless Pipe Repair Services

Our trenchless pipe repair services offer you peace of mind in addition to repaired pipes

Needing extensive pipe repairs is already stressful enough. Most projects are expensive, disruptive, and time consuming, so we understand why you’d search for easier options. Alpha Omega Plumbing is proud to offer multiple pipe repair and replacement options to fit your system’s needs and your budget, including trenchless pipe repair. This offers a solution to all three of the main complaints of pipe repairs — it’s less expensive than trench repairs, it causes very little disruption to your yard and landscaping, and it can be completed much faster! With our trenchless pipe repair services, our experts offer you peace of mind in addition to repaired pipes and more confidence in your plumbing system. If you need major pipe repairs and replacements, don’t hesitate to ask about our trenchless options!

How Does Trenchless Pipe Repair Work?

At Alpha Omega Plumbing, we specialize in ways to improve your plumbing system and prevent future issues. Our trenchless pipe repairs offer just that, without the need to dig trenches or excavate the pipes themselves. We use industry-leading cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) linings to conduct our trenchless repairs, which is ideal for aging pipes, as well as pipes with leaks, thinning walls, and corrosion. Often, our pipe repairs begin with a camera inspection of your pipes to help us determine the best repair options for your specific needs. Once we decide on CIPP repairs, we insert a flexible liner into your existing pipes and draw it through the extent of the repair site. There’s minimal digging, no major disruptions to your home or business, and you can return to life as normal in just a few hours.

What is CIPP?

CIPP repair options are perfect for a wide variety of pipe repair needs, especially if your pipes don’t need to increase in size. At Alpha Omega Plumbing, we use a flexible liner that easily winds through your pipes to completely fill the stretch of plumbing you need repaired. Once in place, the lining is inflated so it’s flush with the interior of your existing pipes and then cured in place so it’s solid and watertight. The curing process essentially binds the lining to the old pipe, becoming the new interior of your pipe that seals any leaks, discourages plant root incursion, and resists corrosion.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

As mentioned above, trenchless pipe repair options provide several benefits over traditional excavation methods, including:

  • No ugly trenches dug in your yard
  • No big machinery
  • Completed in a day
  • Eco-friendly
  • Less expensive
  • Extends pipe lifespan

CIPP linings also create a long-lasting barrier against plant roots, clogs, corrosion, and certain types of damage. We can also perform CIPP repairs on smaller sections of your plumbing system without detrimentally affecting the rest of your pipes. In many cases, we recommend our trenchless repair options before resorting to more drastic repair methods.

Call Experts You Can Trust

Alpha Omega Plumbing is here for all your pipe repair needs with a variety of options designed to meet your property’s needs. Our expert plumbers aim to complete your pipe repairs with the best techniques and materials available to solve your plumbing’s current issue and prevent additional problems in the future. Whether you need residential or commercial pipe repairs, we’ve got the tools and expertise to get the job done to the highest quality standards. Call us today for a consultation about your pipe repair needs and ask about our trenchless repair services!

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