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Drain Repairs

Backed up drains can create issues such as water buildup, burst pipes, and sewage backups

Faulty drainage is a problem that is highly beneficial to catch and take care of early to prevent a wide variety of mishaps. Drains that are backed up for a while can create issues much worse than just water buildup, such as burst pipes and sewage backups. At Alpha Omega Plumbing, we’re here to provide effective and reliable services that will help clear up any of your current frustrating problems while preventing future ones. Whether you need your residential or commercial drains repaired, we’re here to help!

How Can We Help with Drain Repair?

It can often be challenging to determine what exactly needs repairing at first glance. If necessary, our team will start by investigating to determine what the primary source of the issue is using the latest tools and technology. Things like professional-grade cameras can help to pinpoint the exact problem and give our team a better idea of what needs fixing.  If a clog is causing issues, we can assist with breaking up clogs of any severity. We also excel at pipe replacement and cleaning, which will both put a stop to your current problems and prevent new ones.  

Signs That You Need a Drain Cleaning or Repair

Many signs indicate that you need expert-level assistance to clean or repair your drain, including but not limited to:

  • Clogged drains: Clogged drains are not only a nuisance but also a significant sign that something is wrong. Frequent clogs likely mean that there is a problem deep in your plumbing lines.
  • Foul odors: A foul odor could indicate that anything from food waste to grease is trapped in your drains.
  • Slow drainage: Sluggish, slow drains could be a sign of anything from a clog to as severe as a collapsed drain.
  • Pests: Fruit flies and other pests indicate that food or residue is likely trapped in your drain due to an existing issue.
  • Water backup: Not only is water backup a huge red flag that something is wrong, but it can also escalate quickly and cause water damage to your property.
  • Decreased water pressure: This can indicate that a part of your pipe is cracked or broken. Additionally, water pressure typically decreases when a flow is disrupted by damage or a clog.

How Can I Prevent Clogging My Drain?

There are several preventative measures that you can take to avoid future frustrating situations with clogged drains. Cleaning or flushing your drains with hot water regularly helps prevent buildup. Cleaning can be done with baking soda, vinegar, or a professional drain cleaner. Another cheap and easy way to avoid clogs is to use hair catchers. This will stop one of the most common culprits from obstructing your drains. It is also best practice to ensure that everyone using your system is partaking in proper waste disposal. Things like extra food waste are not ideal for your pipes. Taking the time to make small changes can contribute to the overall health of your drains and make a significant difference over time.

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