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If your property is experiencing constant plumbing problems or deterioration in your pipes, call us!

Did you know your plumbing system can include up to 500 feet of pipe? That’s a lot of opportunity for leaks, clogs, and other plumbing problems to happen. For older homes especially, deteriorating and aging pipes or substandard materials can cause countless issues that make repiping a more cost-effective option than constant repairs and problem-solving. Alpha Omega Plumbing offers expert repiping services, including partial and complete repiping projects for your property based on your needs and budget. We use only the most dependable products in the industry so you can trust the integrity of your new pipes for years to come. If your property is experiencing constant plumbing problems or deterioration in your pipes, call us at 808-847-5414 for a thorough inspection of your pipes.

Why Repipe?

Plumbing problems are never fun, but they’re almost inevitable — especially in older homes. Our industry’s understanding of materials and different plumbing needs improves constantly, making some old practices or materials obsolete. For example, many homes built before 1970 used galvanized steel pipes that we now know increase the amount of lead in the home’s water as they age. In addition, it’s now estimated that most types of plumbing only last about 45 years on Oahu, thanks to the combined deteriorating effects of our salt water, climate, and soil conditions.

It’s easy to put off plumbing inspections and repiping until problems start occurring. However, there’s no telling when problems will happen or how severe they’ll be when they do happen. Emergency repairs and replacements can cost several times more than a scheduled repair and we never recommend gambling with your property’s integrity, your peace of mind, or your wallet. Proactive inspections with our plumbers will help provide you with a better idea of the health of your property’s plumbing, as well as establish a timeline for repairs and any necessary repiping so you’re not dealing with everything all at once.

Signs Your Property Needs New Piping

Aside from knowing the age of your property and the dates of any plumbing work, it can be tricky to know if you’re due for piping replacements. Some indicators you need repiping include:

  • Bad water pressure: Over time, buildup from hard water, corrosion, or clogs can narrow the interior of your pipes and drastically reduce your water pressure. Poor water pressure alone can also be a sign of a building clog, but is also worth calling our experts about.
  • Frequent leaks: Recurring pipe leaks, or multiple leaks in the same area, can indicate a need for repiping. Metal pipes especially experience thinning over time as their interiors get worn away by a constant flow of water, making it easier for leaks to form. Pinhole leaks and large breaks occur when the walls of your pipes become thin enough for the water to break through.
  • Noisy pipes: Strange noises within your walls as you turn your water on or off is never a good sign. Banging, shrieking, or squealing noises are not only alarming, but could also indicate a need for pipe replacement, better insulation, or improved fastening to your property’s structure.
  • Visible pipe corrosion: If you notice visible discoloration, rust, or other issues on exposed sections of your property’s piping, it’s time to call our experts. This corrosion and deterioration of the pipe means a substantial leak is a matter of when, not if, and it’s best to proactively repipe sections of your property rather than deal with inevitable water damage.
  • Discolored water: Deterioration and corrosion aren’t just on the outside of your pipes. Brown, black, or yellowish water can mean a buildup of rust inside your pipes that’s eating its way through your piping.
  • Bad taste or smell: A bad odor or taste to your water is perhaps the best reason to call for an inspection, since you rely on clean water for everything from dishwashing to brushing your teeth. Rust and other corrosion within your pipes can add a coppery or even sulfuric tang to your water that shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Variable water temperature: Nothing’s worse than being in the shower and getting blasted with either scalding hot or freezing cold water when someone else uses the water. Deteriorating pipes or a buildup of corrosion often leaves users with terrible control over their water’s temperature.

If you experience any of these plumbing problems, contact us today for a consultation!

Trust the Experts

For many, plumbing can be an “out of sight, out of mind” situation until problems start popping up. If your property is older, or your pipes are approaching 45 years old, it’s time to schedule an inspection for repiping. Don’t wait for a plumbing catastrophe — the experts at Alpha Omega Plumbing are here to proactively replace your aging or deteriorating pipes before disaster strikes. For all your repiping needs, we provide the expertise to get the job done right so you can trust your plumbing for another few decades.

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